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KONECTS MEET & GREET (KMG) is about connecting people from different businesses and professions, tailored more on corporate businesses and individual business men, to meet up on a light corporate platform, establish a mutual business relationship, exchange business contacts and sharing of ideas on how to improve their businesses.

Entrepreneurship is more than simply “starting a business.” It is a process through which individuals identify opportunities, allocate resources, and create values. This creation of value is often through the identification of needs or through the identification of opportunities for change.

We have constantly achieved this in a cool and calm relaxed atmosphere.


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We aim to deploy a series of entrepreneurial and leadership programs to address current mind-sets holding back the Nigerian entrepreneurs from reaching their maximum potential. Selected speakers are usually chosen from different fields for a 20 – 30 minutes entrepreneurial development speech in their field of practice.

Our facilitators will consist of highly accomplished young entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as successful older entrepreneurs. Speakers will be asked to share their stories – both triumphs and challenges that they have faced as an entrepreneur – in addition to advice on how to leverage the entrepreneurial mind-set regardless of what career path you choose.


Promoting and encouraging Young entrepreneurs and Business Professionals in Nigeria, Africa. We carry out sourcing process by scouting out the most desirable demand in the Economy sectors, picturing average and successful key players in the industry as resource speakers and motivators. They not only educate the audience but empower, inspire and create atmosphere for participation benefits.


We worry less on what the speaker will charge; worry more on what our participants will get. Investing so much to host each of our Networking events (KMG), we can’t afford a dud. We appreciate GRANTS from any of the speakers as part of their support to the community, young entrepreneurs and business professionals directly or indirectly to ensure actualization of the bimonthly events.

  • Empowering Entrepreneurs through business networking.
  • Eliminating un-employment among youths
  • KMG platform enable you expand your markets by generating new business contacts with potential customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Participating in KMG Networking Event, you’ll raising your profile, by expanding your contacts you are raising your profile – people know you exist and know what you do and you will more likely to be thought of if your products or services are required.
  • KMG offers you wide range of consultants in various fields when you need information to gather free advice and consultancy.
  • Break down barriers to success uncover new opportunities through the process of meeting new people and building mutually beneficial business relationships.
  • KMG platforms establishes an avenue to compare and discuss issues of common interest, eg legal and regulatory developments, staff retention, supplier networks, customer service and computerization, setting up new business.
  • Practice your 20-30 second introduction. Most entrepreneurs know about being able to present their business effectively in 30 seconds, but most make a miserable job of actually doing it! Develop your “Elevator Speech”, practice it, then get out there and deliver it to a few new contacts. If they immediately understand what you do and ask questions, you’ve got a winner. If not, GO back to the drawing board.
  • The majority of major business deals start from networking events, so having regular attendance is key. At business networking events you need to make sure you “work the room” and talk to everyone; after all, you never know who you might need to do business with in the future!


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