Schedule of Events

The CEO’s Breakfast is for all Platinum Members & Selected Gold members depending on their turnover annually. However, we shall roll-out personal invitation to supports and partners who are not yet members. The CEO breakfast will be holding twice a year, visitor or high level local speaker from a reputable company with an annual turnover of N500 million to N10 Billion will be on a topic of interest to organisations in Nigeria.

The objective of the CEO Breakfast Round-table is to bring together Chairmen,
CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and stake holders to foster cognizance, inspire dialogue and discussion on matters of interest to Boards, Executives and Business Owners in order to enhance the value and performance of their business and empower the younger generation through their participation and interaction.

The interviews are strictly for platinum and Gold Members only. However, we will be interviewing none-members executives with good business experiences and successful operations for more than 5 years. CEO Interview avail business owners, executives and leaders the opportunity to discuss the practice of their businesses as well as challenges and solutions to the approach. Any further insights you have would be highly appreciated. However, your interview should promotes and encourage the young entrepreneurs and business professionals in the following areas;

  1. Promotes Entrepreneurial Skills
  2. Empower Leadership
  3. Professionals Making impacts to their various employers
  4. Business and concepts developments
  5. Techniques of networking, etc.

This Event avails Platinum and Gold Members the opportunity to connect and interact informally with other members and business executives. It’s a strictly by invitation event. The purpose is to ensure members can meet up and share personal ideas during the event.

This event is strictly for members only and upon request and approval to launch their products and services to the market.

This event is strictly a paid event; however, MEMBERS will be given 50% discount upon validation of their membership card.


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